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Noteworthy News  




November 12-16, 2018

SPELLING: LIST 1: their if will up cut nut hut shut   LIST 2: step because body here fall germ herd  clerk nerve serve fern food value build flat ago BONUS:HOMEWORK: Say, spell and say each word every day.

VOCABULARY List 1: 1. boil-to heat a liquid until it becomes hot enough to bubble. 2. Emperor-a man who rules an empire. 3. Honest-truthful; free of deceit. 4. Assign-to give out as work or as a task. 5. Empty-not holding anything. 6. Sprout-to come out of a seed and begin to grow. 7. Contact-a connection with something, such as through sight, sound, or touch. 8. Pleased-happy; satisfied. 9. Assume-to believe something is true without proof. 

VOCABULARY List 2: 1. city-a big town with many buildings and people. 2. Recess-a break from school or work during the day or year. 3. Okay-good enough, but not really good; all right. 4. Between-in the space or time that separates two things. 5. Below-lower than; less. 6. Hook-a piece of curved metal wood, or plastic used to catch, hold, or hang things. 7. Add-to put something in or next to another thing or group of things to make it bigger or different in some way. 8. Hung-the past tense of hand; to attach something from above so that it has no support under it; to suspend. 9. Fell-the past tense of fall; to move downward, often fast and without control.

MATH HOMEWORK: Basic multiplication & division.  Addition and Subtraction facts to 20. Say each fact everyday.

Have a great Week!


November 5 NWEA test window opens

November 12 and 14, Fourth Grade MUSICALS

November 13, TEAM Spirit Day/Meetings -Sonadore & Isazi

November 15 TEAM Spirit Day/Meetings-Vanguard & Amizade

November 16 4th Grade Field Trip and  5th Grade Talent Show Tryouts


November 29-30, Fifth Grade Trip to Birmingham

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