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AUGUST 20-24, 2018

SPELLING: LIST 1: the of and cat hat sat mat that LIST 2: over new art take only car park hard barn card shark dark oh BONUS: eyes date hold     HOMEWORK: Say, spell and say each word each day.

VOCABULARY: LIST 1: 1. amount-a number or quantity of things. 2. allow-to give permission; to let something happen. 3. although-even though; but. 4. aid-to give assistance. 5. bond-the state or condition of being attached or held together; something that holds things together. LIST 2: 1. adapt-to change to fit a new or specific situation or environment. 2. alternatie-available as a different choice or possibility. 3. acquire-to get or learn something. 4. affect-to have an effect on; to cause a change. 5. alter-to make different; to change. HOMEWORK: Say each word and its definition everyday.

MATH HOMEWORK: Group 1: 2x2=4 3x3=9 4x4=16 5x5=25 6x6=36 7x7=49 8x8=64 9x9=81      Group 2: Addition and Subtraction facts. Say each fact everyday.


September 24-28, Book Fair

September 17, Progress Reports

September 19, Fall Pictures

September 25, 5:30-6:30, Pirate Adventure Math and Literacy Night

Have a great Week!

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