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Important information.....

***Website is not updated weekly as Remind messages are sent frequently with new information.


***Join my remind page at


or text @728be to 81010.


***The students' web address for connected is

https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/school/w3c3. Once there, they click on their class (Crawford AM for my homeroom and Crawford PM for Flie's homeroom). Click on their name, type in the password, and login. They DO have this information.

***Practice math skills on Xtramath.com***

***Practice multiplication facts nightly.***


***FYI:  math fact quizzes are given each Friday. While each test will be graded, the grades will be averaged for the 9 weeks. Therefore, only 1 grade for math fact quizzes will be given per 9 weeks . Thank you




Look forward to.....

10/31-----Field trip to Brownlee Farms

11/20-24-----Thanksgiving Holiday


Week of October 30 in......





We will begin our chapter on Division. We will divide multi-digit dividends by a 1 digit divisor:  i.e. 426/2. We teach students to divide using an area model, distributive property, and partial quotients (the big 7).  We do not teach standard algorithm (the old fashioned way to divide). If you choose to teach this, be SURE your scholar has complete understanding. 


QUIZZES:  Daily grades taken as needed.

CHAPTER TEST:  will be announced closer to the date


Students have interactive math books. These books belong to students and can go home. Students may login and practice math facts, access worksheets, and games which coincide with the skills taught. XtraMath is another great practice site for students.


Students have logins for ConnectEd & XtraMath. Please be sure your scholar logs in and practices. Thanks so much.


Please, please, please practice math facts with your child nightly. Their timed tests, 5 minutes, are each Friday.




     Students will finish the unit on the nervous sytem. We will learn about sound in the next week(s).


Daily grades given as needed.







          Graded papers folders will go home every other Thursday or so. Please look over, sign, and return with all graded papers by the following Monday. 

          Students may bring a snack and water bottle (NO juice).

          My website will be updated weekly. Daily messages will be sent via Remind and ClassDojo.

          Lunch is $2.75. I will collect lunch money on Mondays if you would like to pay for the week (Menus can be found on the school website under lunch program.)  Otherwise, scholars are responsible for keeping up with their own lunch money. Please consider using the online payment system www.mealpayplus.com

          All transportation changes MUST be made in writing. For safety concerns and less confusion, I cannot take these over the phone. Please do not tell your scholar to tell me. I will contact you anyway!

          Please DO NOT send your scholar to school sick. I know it is sometimes an inconvenience, BUT please be considerate of the wellness of our entire class. Thank you.


Mrs. Crawford's Wish List:

Expo markers                                              color printer paper

sheet protectors                                           color card stock

board games for indoor recess                  color duct/washi tape

tennis balls for chairs                        treats for students                      

pillows, bean bags, Big Joe chairs for alternative seating                     

Target, Wal-Mart, Knowledge Tree gift card for class supplies