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Amanda McMurphy Staff Photo

Class Schedule  



7:55-8:30: Students Arrive/Morning Procedures

Daily PowerPoint/ Handwriting-Cursive

8:30-8:45: Announcements/Move to Learn/Morning Meeting

8:45-9:00: Vocabulary

9:00-9:30: Making Meaning Focus Lesson

9:30-10:10: IDR (Independent Daily Reading)/Reflection/Stations

10:10-11:10: Snack/Writing-Being a Writer

11:00-11:55: Activity

11:55-12:15: Class Novel/Read Aloud

12:15-12:20: Restroom/Wash Hands

12:20-12:50: Lunch

12:50-2:15: Math Focus/Stations

2:15-2:45: Recess

2:45-2:50: Restroom/Water

2:50-3:10: Science

3:10-3:15: Pack-up/Prepare for Dismissal


Monday: Computer

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: P.E.

(Please wear tennis shoes)