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       Title of Book


   Publication Date



Author's Purpose



         Attractive Artwork

Main Characters

     (to be created by student)

  Tone or Mood



  • The listed elements must be put on a tri-fold display board. Nothing can stick out above the height of the board. Nothing displayed with the board may take up may take up more space than is available when the board is standing with the sides at right angles.
  • The elements do not have to be listed in this arrangement. This is just a sample. The elements may be displayed in other creative ways, but they are all required.  
  •  Problem and solution should be stated in complete sentences. The summary should be written in correct paragraph form. New paragraphs should be indented, and the work should be checked for spelling and grammar mistakes before turning it in for a grade.    
  • Projects cannot be accepted late because preliminary judging for the reading fair will be done the morning of the due date.




mis-   badly or wrongly

un-    not

re-    do again

pre-     before

dis- not, none, or the opposite

in- (non-) no or not

im- no or not

ir- no or not


-ful         full of

-less       without

-ly           in a manner of or in a certain way

-er, -or     a person who

-able     able to do or be

-ness (-ion,-tion)    act of, state of, quality of being

-ish     akin to, like, somewhat or rather