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Welcome to Mrs. McMurphy`s Class 







to Mrs. McMurphy's Class!!



Important Dates:

November 20th-24th- Thanksgiving Holidays

December 12th- 5th Grade Talent Show @ 6pm

December 14th- Classroom Christmas Party

December 15th- End of the 2nd 9 weeks

December 18th-January 4th- Christmas Holiday:)



  Week of November 13th-17th:


Text Read Aloud- Brave Irene

Vocabulary Words:

1. coax- persuade someone to do something by talking to the person gently and kindly

2. snug- comfortable, worm, and cozy

3. advise- tell someone what you think he or she should do

4. delirious- very happy and excited

5. fret- worry or get upset about something

6. cherish- care for something deeply


Continue Area, Measuring Area by counting square units, using food and tiles in the hallway students will create arrays


Students will continue to complete science experiments

Social Studies:

Students will decorate and get mailing addresses and stamps for Flat Stanley.  We will be studying different states and areas where we recieve information from throughout November into February.



For the 1st 9 weeks we will be working on mastering our 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10's. Your child will be given 30 problems and will be expected to complete the 30 problems within a 5 minute time frame. For the moment we will be giving only the multiplication portion of the test on Fridays.  Your child will be allotted minutes to complete the multiplication section of the test.
  *If your child has mastered 0's, 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's, begin working on 3's and 6's for 2nd 9 weeks.  They will have 50 problems to complete in 5 minutes

*3rd 9 weeks we will add 4's and 8's with 75 problems to complete in 5 minutes.

 *4th 9 weeks we will add 7's and 9's with 100 problems to complete in 5 minutes.

 Please sign up for REMIND101 updates:

TEXT @727cc to 81010


**My website will be updated each week. Daily information will be sent via REMIND text/ClassDojo Message. This is the most effective way way to keep you up to date.

**Please see that your child eats breakfast and remind your child to pack a snack and water each day.

**All transportation changes must be made in writing.  I can not take transportation changes over the phone, email, REMIND, DOJO, or text.

**Please do not send your child to school sick.  Please review the DCES PARENT HANDBOOK for our policy on sick children.  I know it is inconvenient, but please consider the well being of the entire class.