Ashley Cowart Staff Photo

Welcome to Mrs. Cowart`s Class 

Important reminders:

Wear blue Tuesday!

Turn in Flat Stanley envelopes

Send back note of what breakfast item you are bringing for Friday!

Reading:Brave Irene

Skills:  Problem/solution/setting/hear and discuss a story/ stop and questioning

 Vocabulary words: cherish, fret, delirious, advise, snug, coax

Test- Friday

Homework:Study week 12 &13 voc. and practice cold read test

Writing: Personal Narrative stories

Grammar: Verbs

Math: Distributive Property

 Homework: Study 3's and 6's flashcards/Distributive property worksheet


 Math facts test-Friday 50 questions 0,1,2,3,5,6,10 & voc. test

 Science experiments Friday-Hayden and Ty