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Ashley Cowart Staff Photo

Welcome to Mrs. Cowart`s Class 



 Looking forward to a fabulous year!!!  

 Open House is August 14th, 5:15-6:15!!!

Please send Ivory Soap for Art class.


*Please send a small snack with your child each day. 

**All transportation changes need to sent in a written note.

Instructional fee is $10.75.  You can start sending the money in Monday.

Please join Remind.    Enter 81010   text @mrsacowa

Activity schedule



Tues.- PE  Wear tennis shoes!





Lunch 12:20-12:50 




 Please join P.T.O!


Reading: Miss Nelson is Missing!and Miss Nelson Has a Field Day

Voc. in story (not tested)whiz, squirm, rap, snap, likely, and unlikely

Focus skills: Compare and contrast, character traits

Tested voc. words:  fragile, research, defend, specific, pledge, and rediscover

Vocabulary will be tested every two weeks. No test this week.

Writing:  Personal narratives

Math:  Multiplication-Introductucing factors,repeated addition, Equal groups, arrays, multiples of 10, and missing factors

Division: parts of a division sentence, equal groups, arrays, repeated subtraction, missing number in a division equation


Fact fluency tests:  1st nine weeks 0,1,2,5, and 10's. 25 questions in 5 minutes.