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Weekly Objectives/Newsletter 

Mrs. Watson's Class Info

November 13-17

Progress Reports~Wednesday, 15th

(due back on Friday 17th)

**Talent Show tryouts will be Tuesday**

* Our Discovery Park field trip is on Thursday. Info coming home on Monday. Please read and take note. If you have any questions, please contact me. Please check weather and dress accordingly..Those students not going will spend the day with Mrs. Miranda Williams and Mrs. Laura Rodgers. Any absences will be unexcused.*

   Please feel free to contact me or 349-6234 ext 378

Science- Students will take a Case 21 science benchmark on Tuesday. We are reviewing in class. Binders will come home tonight so they can look over past study guides to refresh their brains! Class participation and discussion is also an avenue for delivering instruction, so they must be alert and engaged in our activities.***Please remember, all unit tests will have review material from past units. Your child knows this and has all past study guides in their binder. We have organized them, so your child should know where everything is. This is part of teaching them independence and the importance of organization to help them learn.

Social Studies~ Thanksgiving packet

Lunch 11:05-11:35

Feel free to come eat lunch with your child any time. They may not let you next year!