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Audra  Watson
5th Grade Science/Social Studies
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Weekly Objectives/Newsletter 

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Sept. 17-21

   Please feel free to contact me or 349-6234 ext 378

Science~  Solutions and Mixtures. We will review atoms, elements, molecules, and compounds.~~Important vocab: element, atom, compound, mixture, solution, solute, solvent, soluble, heterogenous, homogenous~~ A large portion of our unit is understanding the mass of types of solutions...concentrated vs. diluted. Which has more mass? Does dissolved particles disappear? Where do they go? How do we calucate the mass of mixtures and solutions?....Study guide has been completed; however, we are doing a great deal of investigations and demonstrations in class to help teach the material. This material is not on the study guide but rather part of class discussion with me facilitating and leading them. They must be paying attention to these demos/discussions in class.   UNIT TEST will be Sept. 20th.  STUDENTS SHOULD BE STUDYING NIGHTLY!!This unit test will have material from Elements and Compounds. (See the top portion of their study guide.) ** Your child should bring home their science binder EACH night so they can begin learning/study the material that we covered in class.**Most tests will have a Review and Remember section with questions from previous objectives. This will help us review throughout the year so we can better prepare ourselves for the state test in May.**

Social Studies~~Career pamphlet..What do I want to be when I grow up, and what is involved in getting there?  What education do I need? What exactly will I do? How much money will I make?

Lunch 11:05-11:35

Feel free to come eat lunch with your child any time. They may not let you next year!