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Audra  Watson
5th Grade Science/Social Studies
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Weekly Objectives/Newsletter 


Mrs. Watson's Class Info

February 11-14

We are doing a Valentine's activity on Thursday, so please feel free to send in a bag of candy or Valentines for our class. We have 28 students!

School Holiday February 15th and 18th

Please feel free to contact me or 349-6234 ext 378

Science~Earth/Sun/Moon and relationships between these three celestial bodies; rotation vs revolution; day/night; phases of the moon and why we have them; seasons and why we have them; Earth's axis; inner and outer planets; our sun; constellations and their movement in the night sky; North Star~ QUIZ TUES, 12th...Our unit test will be FEBRUARY 20th.  We will watch Hidden Figures in class on the 21st/22nd as a wrap up to our space unit.

Social Studies~Black History Month webquest on scientists/inventors and their contributions to society

Lunch 11:05-11:35

Feel free to come eat lunch with your child any time. They may not let you next year!