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Weekly Objectives/Newsletter 

Mrs. Watson's Class Info

May 7-11

   Please feel free to contact me or 349-6234 ext 378

**Notes have come home about important dates coming up for 5th grade.**

Math state test   May 8th

Science state test  May 14th

Cookout/Promotion Practice   May 18th w/ cookout at approx. 11 am

Our pod will promote on Monday, May 21st at 9 am.

Science-  Review for our state test that will be on May 14th.  All grades for science have been completed at this point.

Social Studies~ Quiz #3 this Wednesday on capitals and abbreviations. Binder should come home nightly..We are learning the states and their locations, abbreviations, capitals, resources. Each student has filled out a map with state locations and abbreviations, as well as a map with capital placement(should be in binder). They have a printed resource with the states in alphabetical order to help them memorize the information. Quiz #3 May 9th~~ We will begin our research on our state poster/project. Notes are in binders about our State Food Festival that will be on May 16th!!

Lunch 11:00-11:30

Feel free to come eat lunch with your child any time. They may not let you next year!