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Raggio`s Weekly News 


Sailing 4th GRADE.

This year is going so quickly!  Thank you for all that you are doing to make your child's 4th grade year successful.


Mrs. Raggio's Website 

April 16-20


ELA TEST #1 Homeroom Tuesday @ 12:30

Wells' Homeroom Wednesday @12:30

Please make sure that your child is well-rested the night before, and here at school in the morning.  I know that they will do a FANTASTIC job on their tests!!!!




***A SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDER came HOME ON MONDAY.  OUR CLASS CODE IS H4JBT, if you'd like to order.  Each order gets us a free book for our classroom library!  Link below.  Please order by April 30th, if you plan to get books!



READING WORKSHOP ***PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD PRACTICE SKILLS NIGHTLY.  I am seeing some improvements, and mastery in those who are working!  STATE TESTING is April 17th & 23rd for ELA.  It is May 3rd for MATH.   

I have set your child up on READ THEORY.  We've gotten on the site here at school.  I'll send the user name home.  Most students' user names are the student's first initial followed by last name.  (for example  sraggio)  Everyone's password is  Jaguars#1.  

**Read Theory is an excellent site for practice!  I want students using this to hone their skills and prepare for not only Case 21 testing in March, but MCT, and most importantly-5th GRADE!  The more practice the better.  (This may take the place of the 15-20 minutes reading each night.  I can monitor and gauge progress.  Please make sure that your child practices on this site.  Let me know if you do not have internet access.  We will work something out here at school, so that your child can log some time on it.   In this case, (no internet or interruption of it),  students are to READ a book or magazine 15-20 minutes. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THIS PRACTICE!  The students are enjoying it already.  :-) 


Making Meaning-Unit 7 Continuing Analyzing Text Structure (Expository Nonfiction) We will be finishing up this unit.

*analyze how articles can inform by highlighting pros and cons and by investigating one side of an issue. 

*examine how functional texts, such as maps and directions are organized to inform readers.

*look at textbooks and think about how expository text structures such as sequence and compare/contrast, are used to organize the information in the text.

*use comprehension strategies and continue to confer with the teacher about text that they are reading.

*work responsibly in during group work and include one another in and contribute to the group work.

VOCABULARY-Review for testing 

Prefixes & suffixes, context clues to determine meaning


Spelling-No spelling test this or next week.



Written reports have now been turned in.  Students will present these reports to their classmates Thursday and Friday of this week.  As an option (and for extra credit) students may bring something from that country to share such as an souvenir, favor, small snack item, or dress in a typical way that a person from their country would dress.  This can be a sombrero symbolizing Mexico, for example.  As we've discussed our reports, the students have been excited about adding some props to their reports.  I am giving them the option of presenting Thursday or Friday.  No one will be penalized if there is not a prop or extra included.  It can BOOST their grade though! If you have questions, just DOJO message.  THANKS!

Grammar skills will be the following:

Correcting sentence fragments

Using transitional words effectively

Using adjectives appropriately to make essays more persuasive

Using standard conventions (capitals, punctuation, sentence structure) appropriately



Social Studies-Country Reports/Scholastic News




**Students bringing wishlist items will get a pass!

Rolls of Paper Towels

Glue Sticks

hand sanitizer (running low!)

clipboards (Need about 13 more)

Big Joe Chairs in Navy, Black, or Red. (Walmart has these.)

new or slightly used library books (must be appropriate for our library if used)

small-wrapped candy for treat bucket

colored copy paper


Giftcards for classroom supplies

Hot Dot Pens (available at KnowledgeTree or Amazon)

Games that are appropriate for inside recess like Banana grams, Clue, Yatzee, etc....