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Please be sure your child knows or is studying their math facts. This is a third grade skill and we do not have time to teach it in 5th grade.



February 19-22

Tests This Week:




Thursday~ Unit 8 Test




 **Unit 8- Multiply/Divide Fractions

                 (refer to Chapter 10)         

Monday- Holiday

Tuesday- Review Unit 8

Wed- Review Unit 8

Thurs- Unit 8 Test

Fri-Test cont.

~Vocabulary: numerator, denominator, GCF, simplify, mixed number, improper fraction, fraction, whole number, scaling, line plotfkjgfjhv 



**Parent resources for each chapter can be found here! 

(just click the link and scroll all the way down until you see "5th Grade".  Each chapter is listed and has pictures, examples, and videos to help parents and students.) 

* Math Test:Feb 21



****All tests and weekly objectives are subject to change****