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Weekly News 



*February 19-February 23







   **ELA Homework ...  Green folders coming home today.  Assignment is to be completed and signed by Thursday.  Thanks!!


Isazi/Sonadore Team Meeting...February 20

Amizade/Vanguard Team Meeting...February 22

Dress For Success Day...February 27

Science Case 21...February 28

ELA Case 21...March 5

Math Case 21...March 7

Spring Break...March 12-16


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Thursday...Main Idea Quiz





This week, we are studying…





Read Alouds:

A River Ran Wild


Comprehension Focus:

*Unit 8-Summarizing

*make inferences to understand a narrative nonfiction story

*think about important ideas and supporting details in a narrative nonfiction story


Social Development Focus: 

*work responsibly during group work

*develop the skill of giving reasons for their opinions

*include everyone in and contribute to the group work


(Materials Needed: Reading Journals, Response Folders, Question Cards)




Writing Focus:

*Opinion Writing

*Author's Point of View

Social Development Focus:

*Building a writing community 


(Materials needed:  Journal, thesaurus, dictionary, graphic organizers)




trading post, pelts, sawmills, gristmills, industrial revolution, pulp, decomposed, petitions greenway







  *Mountain Language (spiral review)

Week 15





***All objectives and test dates are subject to change.