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Weekly News 



**September 17-21**









**Progress Reports come home Monday.  Please sign and return by Wednesday.  

**Wednesday, September 19 is Picture Day

**This week's ELA Homework Packet will focus on using nonfiction text features and context clues.  It is to be completed and signed by Thursday.  

**This is Homecoming Week.  Each day has a different dress up theme.   



**Progress Reports...September 17

**Fall Pictures...September 19

**Book Fair...September 24-28

**Math/Literacy Night...September 25 














This week, we are studying…





Read Alouds:

Great Women of the American Revolution

Comprehension Focus:

*make text to self connections

*make text to text connections

*nonfiction text feature

*Independent Daily Reading (IDR)


Social Development Focus: 

*Teachers and students build the reading community by sharing their reading lives

*Students learn and practice the procedure for gathering for a read aloud

*Students learn/practice the procedures for "Turn to Your Partner" and IDR

*Students work in a responsible way

*Students listen respectfully to the thinking of others and share their own.


(Materials Needed: Making Meaning Workbook, Response Folders)




Writing Focus:

Opinion Writing 

Social Development Focus:

*Building a writing community 


(Materials needed:  Journal, thesaurus, dictionary, graphic organizers)









  *Mountain Language (Week 5)

*Compound Sentences (using coordinating conjunctions)





***All objectives and test dates are subject to change.