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Weekly News 



**December 10-14**









**No ELA Homework this week.

**Santa's Shop this week

**Christmas Party...Dec. 17 (12:15-12:45)

**A letter about the party was sent home last week.

**Christmas Holidays...Dec. 19-Jan. 2

(return on Jan. 3)











Tuesday...Unit 5 Strategy Assessment

Wednesday...Unit 5 Assessment

Thursday...Unit 5 Assessment (con't)





This week, we are studying…





Read Alouds:


Comprehension Focus:

*Unit 5-Inferencing

(fiction, nonfiction, poetry)


*Independent Daily Reading (IDR)


Social Development Focus: 

*analyze why it is important to be respectful

*develop the skill of explaining their thinking


(Materials Needed: Making Meaning Workbook, Response Folders)




Writing Focus:

Writing Inferences from pictures

Social Development Focus:

*Building a writing community 


(Materials needed:  Journal, thesaurus, dictionary, graphic organizers)










  *Mountain Language (Week 14)






***All objectives and test dates are subject to change.