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Weekly News 



**October 15-19**









**ELA Homework Packet (This week's focus is on theme and character traits.)...due Thursday

**Report Cards...Sign and return by Monday.



**Red Ribbon Week...October 22-26

**Dress for Success Day...October 23 










Friday...Tuck Everlasting Quiz (Ch. 1 & 2)




This week, we are studying…





Read Alouds:

Tuck Everlasting 

by Natalie Babbitt

Comprehension Focus:

*Unit 4-Story Elements

*Story elements (theme, characterization, setting, plot, conflict, foreshadowing)

*use questioning to help understand a work of fiction

*use schema to articulate all they think they know about a topic

*Independent Daily Reading (IDR)


Social Development Focus: 

*analyze why it is important to be respectful

*develop the skill of explaining their thinking


(Materials Needed: Making Meaning Workbook, Response Folders)




Writing Focus:

Character Change 

Social Development Focus:

*Building a writing community 


(Materials needed:  Journal, thesaurus, dictionary, graphic organizers)




bovine, gallows, contemplation, trod, immortality






  *Mountain Language (Week 9)

*Compound Sentences (using coordinating conjunctions and semicolons)





***All objectives and test dates are subject to change.