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                   WELCOME TO MCKENZIE'S KIDS!!!
School Pictures! Wednesday, September 19th
Math/ Literacy Night, September 25th 5:30-6:30
BOOK FAIR 9/25-9/28

Making Meaning: We are focusing on STORY ELEMENTS (characters, setting, plot, point of view, problem/conflict) Students are listening,discussing, and writing about these elements in class with books I read to them and that they are reading independently.

          Literature Circles/Book Club- students chose a partner and chose a book to read from my classroom library   Students are given time to read and answer questions daily. If students need more time to complete the questions, this is done for homework. Completed questions are checked by me each Friday and discussed in their Book Club. A grade will be taken on their questions periodically. Students are aware of this and should be answering their questions accordingly.


         Vocabulary: Students have 12 vocabulary cards that are made every 2 weeks. Our next test is Friday, September 21st.  If a student loses any of their vocabulary cards it is their responsibility to copy down the definition and word from a classmate. Our current twelve words are- inspire, rickety, jittery, launch, intimidate, circulate, offer, rejoice, neglect, mysterious, enraged, compromise


Spelling: Each student has a list of words put in a page protector in their binder. This is their list of words for the year. We have 20 words and 1 bonus word for each list. Week three list will be tested on Friday, September 21st. (each list will be tested every 2 weeks throughout the school year)

Grammar: Each student has a folder that is labeled 'Mountain Language Grammar'  We do grammar daily in this folder. Tests will be given periodically.

Being a Writer: Students have a writer's journal that we write in daily. We are noticing the writing style of various authors and poets in this first unit.

Social Studies: We are currently discussing the continents and oceans. We also have Scholastic News that is used in our classroom weekly.

        Current Event: this begins in November. Each student will receive instructions.