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                   WELCOME TO MCKENZIE'S KIDS!!!

Monday 3/5 CASE 21 ELA
Wednesday 3/7 CASE 21 MATH
March 12-16 SPRING BREAK
March 30th & April 2nd HOLIDAYS

Reading:  Our curriculum is Making Meaning. We are beginning a new unit. This unit focuses on text structures. The other strategies that are also taught are visualizing, questioning, using text features, determining important ideas, and summarizing. Our vocabulary always coincides with the book we are reading. Students are also given independent reading time almost daily, this is monitored by Letters to the Queen (reader's journal).  If your child is or is not reading-this shows in their reader's journal.

*Vocabulary- a new set of words is given every 2 weeks. Students study antonyms, synonyms, parts of speech, and root words. (prefixes and suffixes,too) Students are taught how to use each word in sentences.

A new list will not be given until after Spring Break


Spelling: A spelling list is in their ELA folder.  It is pink, in a protected cover sheet, and the date of the test is written above the list. (next test is 3/9)

Grammar: Grammar is studied almost daily. We do this using mentor sentences and also practice in their writer's journal.There is a grammar section in their ELA folder.

Being a Writer: We use our Writer's Journals almost daily. Students write based on texts we are studying in class. Informational/Expository Writing will be our focus for the next 4 weeks. Students will be reading expository text on different countries. Also, students will be working with a partner choosing a country and writing their own report on that country.

Social Studies: Black History Month projects were PHENOMENAL!

We are continuing our unit on Mississippi. We also use Scholastic News in our classroom on a weekly basis.

Current Event: please look at the 'assignment' section    Due 3/25