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Miranda  Williams
5th Grade Science/Social Studies
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Mrs.Williams' 5th Grade

Science/Social Studies Class

Birmingham Field Trip Payment schedule: Oct 1st/Oct 15th/Final Nov 1st

Red Ribbon Week 10.22-10.26.18

Dress for Success Day Tuesday 10.23.18

Force & Motion Vocabulary Quiz Fridat 10.26.18

Force & Motion Unit test Friday 11.02.18


Family Parenting Night 11.06.18 Stay Tune!!

Thanksgiving Break 11.19-11.23.18


Class participation, organization, studying daily & reviewing previous units are keys to your success!


Students will explore:





Force: a push or pull that affects an object's motion

Inertia: an object's resistance to a change in motion

Speed: how fast or slow an object moves in a certain time period

Velocity: an object's speed AND direction combined

Acceleration: any change in speed OR direction

Gravity: the force that pulls an object back to Earth

Motion: movement of an object or person

Direction: the way something or someone is movinug

Point of Referene: oibjects that are not moving help us observce objects in motion

Friction: a force that slows down or prevents and objects motion

Position: where an object is located

Momentum: the force a moving object has while in motion


Units to Review

As the year progress students will be responsible for reviewing previous units for questions on test


Ways to Review:

Create quizzes or play already created quizzes @ 

Watch youtube vidoes of our units:

crash course;sci show kids; science max

create flashcards from vocabulary 


-Columbus Day-

-The Constitution-

-Veteran's Day-

-Current Events-

The Piligrams/Thanksgiving Day-




  • You may reach me via email at  or Remind101
  • All transportation changes must be made in writing. I can not accept transportation changes via phone, text or email. 
  • Our lunch time is 11:10A you're welcome to come eat lunch with them just remember to check in at front office.
  • Students may bring a small snack & water (only) for morning snack