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Mrs.Williams' 5th Grade

Science/Social Studies Class


Dress for Success Tuesday 02.27.18

Science Case21- Wednesday 02.28.18

Please review ALL unit test & study guides

Earth's Structure Unit Test Friday 03.02.18

ELA Case21- 03.05.18 & Math Case21- 03.07.18

Spring Break 03.12.18-03.16.18


Class participation, organization, studying daily & reviewing previous units are keys to your success!


Earth's Structures

Biosphere (Life)

Atmosphere (Air)

Hydrosphere (Water)

Geosphere (Land/Earth)

Lithosphere (crust & mantle)

-ist (one who studies)

-ology (the study of)



Rock Cycle- the process in which rocks can be changed into a new type of rock through different ways

Run-off- water that flows  over land with out soaking into the ground

Ground water- water that collects underground

Metamorphic- this type of rock is formed when existing rock is change by heat and pressure

Fossils- remains or traces of a plant or animal that lived long ago (found in sedimentary rock)

Sedimentary- this type of rock is formed when pieces of broken rocks are pressed together and are buried in the soil (forming layers)

Igneous- this type of rock is formed from magma that has cooled and hardened

Deposition- the process of sediment dropping and settling in new places

Sediment- small pieces of rock, sand, and dirt

Weathering- the breaking down or wearing away of rocks/soil

Erosion- moving of sediment from one place to another

Crust- outer layer of Earth made of rocks/soil (part of lithosphere)

Mantle- thick solid layer just below the Earth's crust (part of lithosphere)

Outer Core- thick layer that is liquid

Inner Core- thick layer that is solid; hotter than outer core and made of solid metals




Units to Review

Review ALL Unit Test & Study Guides for Case21

Week of 02.12.18-02.26.18

  • President's Day 
  • Black History Month




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