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Miranda  Williams
5th Grade Science/Social Studies
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Mrs.Williams' 5th Grade

Science/Social Studies Class


Open House Tuesday August 14th 6:15-7:15p

Instructional Fees $14 due by 9.3.18 (student planner included)

Matter Unit Test tentative date Wednesday 08.22.18

Please join our PTO cost of family is $8 they do amazing things with your contributions for our students each year (check out our new shaded areas on the playgrounds!)

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Class participation, organization, studying daily & reviewing previous units are keys to your success!


We will explore STEM activites allowing students to work in groups with their new classmates.




 Students will build on their knowledge of a scientist. 


Students will explore:

What is Matter?

Anything that has mass and takes up space

Physical Properties of Matter:

can be observed using 5 senses

States of Matter:


Tools for measuring Matter:

Balance Scale/Graduated Cylinder/Thermometer



 solid- molecules are packed tightly together and their shape does not change

liquid- molecules are close together but have space between them, they take the shape of its container

gas- molecules have lots of space between them, they are always moving and takes the shape of container

solubility- whether a substance will dissolve or not

texture- how something feels to our touch

density- amount of matter in a certain object; how tightly packed the molecules are

insulator- an object or substance that does NOT allow heat or energy to pass through easily

conductor- an object or substnace that allows heat or energy to pass through easily

mass- the amount of matter that makes up an object

volume- the amount of space an object take up

Melting point- temperature when a substance changes from solid to liquid

Boiling point- temperature when a substance changes from liquid to gas

Freezing point- temperature when a substance changes from liquid to solid 


Units to Review

As the year progress students will be responsible for reviewing previous units for questions on test



Ways to Review:

Create quizzes or play already created quizzes @ 

Watch youtube vidoes of our units:

crash course;sci show kids; science max

create flashcards from vocabulary 


-Understanding the Pledge of Allegiance- 

-Labor Day-

-Remembering September 11th-

-What is Citizenship- 




  • Please sign up for REMIND 101: text @dhbgbk to 81010 (homeroom) or text @36k23e for (Science/SS).This is the most effective way to stay informed.
  • You may also reach me via email at 
  • All transportation changes must be made in writing. I can not accept transportation changes via phone, text or email. 
  • Our lunch time is 11:10A you're welcome to come eat lunch with them just remember to check in at front office.
  • Students may bring a small snack & water (only) for morning snack