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Science/Social Studies Class


Welcome Mrs. Van Dyke!! (long-term substitute)

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Changing Earth's Surface Unit Test Thurs 03.22.18 (study)

Report Cards 03.22.18

Spring Pictures 03.23.18

No School Easter Break 03.30.18 & 04.02.18


5th Grade Middle School tour 04.09.18

Spring Choir Concert 04.10.18

State Testing coming soon!



Class participation, organization, studying daily & reviewing previous units are keys to your success!


Earth's Changing Surface:

Constructive (Build Up) Forces

Destructive (Wear Down) Forces





Destructive- processes that wear down the Earth's surface 

Constructive- processes that build up the Earth's surface

Landforms- Earth's surface features

Deposition- the process of sediment dropping and settling in new places by water, wind, or glaciers

Sediment- small pieces of rock, sand, and dirt (builds new landforms)

Weathering- the breaking down or wearing away of rocks/soil (wearing down)

Ice Wedging- when water seeps into cracks in rocks, freezes, and expands 

Erosion- moving of sediment from one place to another (moved by wind, water, or gravity)

Glaciers- huge sheets of ice that move slowly overland, they form U-shaped valleys

Deltas- landforms created near the mouth of a river as it empties into a larger body of water. The river slows down, and rocks and sediments settle at the bottom

Flood Plains- formed when water spreads out over the sides (banks) of a river. The water slows down and drops sediment it is carrying

Beaches- formed by ocean deposit of sediments onto the shore over time

Sand Dunes- formed when sand is deposited by wind

Moraines- a ridge of rock and soil deposited when a glacier melts


Units to Review

Begin reviewing all Unit test, Case21 Benchmarks, and Study notes to prepare for state testing coming soon!

Other Ways to Review:

Create quizzes or play already created quizzes @ 

Watch youtube vidoes of our units:

crash course;sci show kids; science max

4th Nine Weeks

  • 50 States by Regions (students will be responsible for naming all 50 states during the 4th nine weeks) 




  • Please sign up for REMIND 101: text @mwilliams7 to 81010 (homeroom); text @mwill2017 for (Science/SS).This is the most effective way to stay informed.
  • All transportation changes must be made in writing. I can not accept transportation changes via phone, text or email. 
  • Our lunch time is 11:10A, students may bring a small snack & water (only)
  • Our classroom can get a bit chilly, please send a jacket to keep warm