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Miranda  Williams
5th Grade Science/Social Studies
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Mrs.Williams' 5th Grade

Science/Social Studies Class 

Science Vocabulary Test Tuesday 09.11.18

Birmingham Field Trip Deposits due Monday 09.17.18

Tentative Mixtures & Solutions Unit Test Wednesday 09.19.18

09.19.18 Fall Pictures

DC Homecoming Parage 09.20.18 @ 6:30p

Book Fair 09.24.18-09.28.18 

Math & Literacy Night 09.25.18 5:30-6:30p


Class participation, organization, studying daily & reviewing previous units are keys to your success!


Students will explore:


Characteristics of each

Concentrated vs Diluted




Elements  vs Compounds

100% pure substance (Hydrogen, Oxygen)

2 or more substances chemically combined (H2O, NaCl)



element- a 100% pure substance that cannot be broken down any further

compound- a substance made of 2 or more pure elements that have been chemically combined

atom- the smallest particle of an element, they are the building blocks of matter

mixture- the combining of 2 or more substances

solutions- mixtures in which one substance dissolves into another substance

solute- the solid that dissolves in a solution 

solvent- the liquid that the solute dissolves into 

soluble- capable of being dissolved. (ex. table salt is soluble in water)

heterogeneous- mixture where substance is not evenly distributed

homogeneous- mixture where substance is evenly distributed 


Units to Review

As the year progress students will be responsible for reviewing previous units for questions on test


Ways to Review:

Create quizzes or play already created quizzes @ 

Watch youtube vidoes of our units:

crash course;sci show kids; science max

create flashcards from vocabulary 


-Remembering September 11th-

-What is Citizenship- 

-Career Vision Boards-




  • You may reach me via email at  or Remind101
  • All transportation changes must be made in writing. I can not accept transportation changes via phone, text or email. 
  • Our lunch time is 11:10A you're welcome to come eat lunch with them just remember to check in at front office.
  • Students may bring a small snack & water (only) for morning snack