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Welcome to Mrs. Fields` Class 

Mrs. Fields' Reading and Social Studies

4th Grade Class

"Mrs. Fields' Class News"

(Week of 10/30/17)


(Making Meaning)

     Unit 4: Analyzing Text Structure 

(Comprehension Focus):

      - Listen to and discuss stories

      - Explore elements of narrative text structure in fiction stories, including      character, setting, and plot.

     - Discuss the use of first- and third-person points of view in stories

     - Read independently for 25-30 minutes

(Social Development Focus):

      Work in a responsible way

     - Listen repectfully to the thinking of others and share their own

     - Build on one another's thinking during class discussions

     - Develop the skill of explaining their thinking


  (Being a Writer)

   Unit 3 - Personal Narratives :

   - Students hear and discuss personal narratives

    - Learn about a professional author's writing practice

    - Generate writing ideas from their own lives

    - Visualize sensory details

    - Draft personal narratives, focusing on single, interesting events


Social Studies:

       Native American Tribes of MS

     - The students will identify and learn about the different Native American tribes of MS

     - The students will create a lap book of each tribe and study notes given for a unit test.



     - week 5 words (TEST on Tuesday, 11/3)



   NO vocabulary words given this week!