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Thanksgiving break- Nov. 20-24th


November 6-10th


Making Meaning-

A Native American girl who loves horsesfollows her heart to be with them.

Comprehension Focus:

  • Students ask wondering/questiong to understand the story.
  • Students think about whether their questions are answered in a story.
  • Students visualize parts of a story.
  • Students read independently.

Vocabulary Words-

1. belongings- things someone own, or things that belong to someone

2. faint- not clear or strong; difficult to hear, see, or smell; become dizzy and lose consciousness

3. cling- hold onto someone or something very tightly

4. roam- wander or move about without any particular purpose or place to go

5. joyful- full of joy or very happy

6. sorrowful- full of sorrow or very sad


Being A Writer-

Writing Focus-

  • Students learn about a profesional author's writing practice.
  • Students review their recent drafts, and each selects one to develop and publish.
  • Students rereadtheir writing critically and revise it.
  • Students generate alternatives for overused words.
  • Students explore strong opening sentences and effective titles.
  • Students confer with one another and the teacher.







 Multiplication Fact Fluency Test Information

For the 1st 9 weeks we will be working on mastering 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10's. Your child will be given 25 problems and will be expected to complete the 25 problems within a 5 minute time frame. For the moment we will only be giving the multiplication portion of the tests on Fridays. Your child will be allotted minutes to complete the multiplication section of the test. 

*If your child has mastered 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10's, begin working on 3's and 6's for the 2nd 9 weeks. 

*3rd 9 weeks we will add 4's and 8's with 75 problems to complete in 5 minutes.

*4th 9 weeks we will add 7's and 9's with 100 problems to complete in 5 minutes. 


 Please sign up for REMIND101 updates:

text @tfaulkne to 81010


** Practice MobyMax for 40 minutes a week **

 ** My website will be updated weekly. Daily information will be sent through REMIND text/Class DoJo message. This is the most effective way to keep you up to date. 

** Please make sure your child eats breakfast and remind your child to pack a snack and water each day. 

** All transportation changes must be made in writing

** Please do not send your child to school sick. Please review the DCES student handbook for our policy for sick children. I know it is inconvient, but please consider the well being of the entire class.