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Home Page  Updated at 8/20/2018 9:16:00 AM

                      Welcome to Third Grade!

We will learn so many exciting new things this year in third grade, and I

am so honored to join you on this journey. I know we will have a great

year, and if at any point you need to contact me, remind101 will be the

best option or you can email me:


                             LET'S HAVE A GREAT YEAR! 



     Please sign up for Remind101 updates:


          Text @mrsnails18 to 81010




**All transportation changes must be

made in writing.


Graded paper folders will be sent home every

Wednesday.  Graded papers MUST be signed

and returned by Friday.


Homework will be sent home daily. Please

sign the planner once homework has been



** Please make sure your child eats breakfast and remind your

child to pack a snack and water each day.



Important Dates:

Aug. 6- Students 1st day back

Aug. 14th- Open house (5:15-6:15 for 3rd grade)

Aug. 24- SPIN DAY!! (third graders will spin for their team assignment)

Sept. 3- Labor Day Holiday

Sept. 17- Progress Reports

Sept 19- Fall pictures

Sept. 20 Homecoming Parade

Sept. 25- Sonadore and Isazi team meeting/spirit day (wear team tshirt/colors)

Sept 27- Vanguard and Amizade team meeting/spirit day (wear team tshirt/colors)



English Language Arts: 


 story: Two Bobbies

focus skills: Asking and answering questions about reading

additional skills: character traits, charact change, main idea

Stem integration: Hurricanes and levees



personal narrative



Week 1 words

fragile-easily broken or damaged

research-to study a specific subject

defend- to prove by giving evidence

specific-to be particular or precise

pledge-a promise or agreement to do or not do something

Week 2 words

assemble- to put together

grumble- to complain about something in a quiet voice

calculate- to determine the answer

elegant- something that is high quality and fancy

privilege-a special benefit enjoyed only under special circumstance

** Test on all 10 words on 8/24



Focus Skill:   

 Multiplication and division strategies, multiplication and division word problems



 unit test: 8/27 (tenative)




For the 1st weeks we will be working on mastering our (0,1,2,5,10). Your child will be given  25 problems and will be expected to complete the 30 problems within a  5 minute time frame. For the moment we will be giving only the multiplication portion of the test on Fridays. Your child will be allotted minutes to complete the multiplication section of the test. 


 *If your child has mastered 0's,1's,2's,5's,and 10's, begin working on3's and 6's for 2nd 9 Weeks! :) They will have 50 problems to complete in 5 minutes.


3rd 9 Weeks we will add 4's and 8's with 75 problems to complete in 5 minutes.

4th 9 weeks we will add 7's and 9's with 100 problems to complete in 5 minutes. WE CAN DO THIS!!!