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Welcome to Ms. Evans' Class!




I will post academic website links here that your children can use to improve their Science and Social Studies skills that will be learned throughout the year. 


This website is a great resource for most of the Social Studies topics we will cover throughout the year. A few include The Constitution, Elections, Citizenship, etc.


**We will also complete Current Event Activities for Social Studies. This will involve having the students research information and details about current news or events that are occuring around the world. My hope is that Current Event Activities will increase your child's motivation and interest to stay updated about important events that surround them.**


Social Studies Unit: Current Event Activity

Students will have the option of choosing between three articles to learn about environmental issues around the world. The three articles include:

*Environmental Threats by National Wildlife Federation

*Tiny Pollutants Intensify Storms In The Amazon by Sophie Fauset (Environmental News Network)

*Increased UV From Ozone Depletion Sterlizes Trees by Jeffery Benca (Environmental News Network)

Student's will complete research to become knowledgable on the following topics.

Science Unit: Light Energy

(Visit FreeSchool for video-- "The Science of Light and Color for Kids: Rainbows and the Electromagnetic Spectrum)





*light waves











Social Studies: Current Event Topic/ President's Day

Science: Earth (Constructive and Deconstructive Processes)



Here, I will post any upcoming information or dates that you will want to be familiar with:

Febuary 16th: Light Energy Unit Test