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Welcome to Ms. Evans' Class!




I will post academic website links here that your children can use to improve their Science and Social Studies skills that will be learned throughout the year. 


This website is a great resource for most of the Social Studies topics we will cover throughout the year. A few include The Constitution, Elections, Citizenship, etc.


**We will also complete Current Event Activities for Social Studies. This will involve having the students research information and details about current news or events that are occuring around the world. My hope is that Current Event Activities will increase your child's motivation and interest to stay updated about important events that surround them.**


StudyJams: Properties of Matter Video

Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. Through this unit, student's will learn about different kinds of matter. (conductors, insulators, and magnets)



Here, I will post any upcoming information or dates that you will want to be familiar with:


November 10th: Physical/Chemical Changes Test

November 14th: Benchmark Case21 Test

November 16th: Discovery Park Field Trip

November 20th-24th: Thanksgiving Break

November 27th: Begin Mixtures/Solutions Unit

November 29th: Spelling Bee