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Multiplication Facts

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All are Multiplication Games



Scroll down and click on timed tests. This is also a good place to practice addition, subtraction, and division facts! : )


Fling the Teacher

Click on the Math link and you'll find "Fling the Teacher Multiplication" under the "Multiplication and Division" Category


Equivalent Fraction game

You'll have to be alert and on your toes for this one! It's a challenge to keep up and knowledge of multiples is a must!

Equivalent Fraction Game 2

Not as intense as Game 1 and offers visual representations of each fraction in the form of pie charts.

Equivalent Fraction Game 3

Combines numerical equivalent fractions with visual representations in the form of bar graphs. Great Practice!

Equivalent Fractions Game 4

Choose your skill level for this game! You must identify the fraction that is NOT equivalent to earn pie for your friend.

General Ed
Mrs Van Dyke


Alex, McMullen
username: malex@desoto
password: year3

Annie, Haddock
username: hannie@desoto
password: 17fall

Asya, Robinson
username: rasya@desoto
password: spell30

Ayden, Ashwill
username: aayden@desoto
password: care93

Brooklyn, Farmer
username: fbrooklyn@desoto
password: 2group

Destiny, Ware
username: wdestiny@desoto
password: round50

Harley, Kurtycz
username: kharley@desoto
password: 21fact

Hunter, Hickman
username: hhunter@desoto
password: 29hot

Hunter, Cousino
username: chunter@desoto
password: count95

Jalen, Juzeszyn
username: jjalen@desoto
password: 45wish

Jordan, Hylander
username: hjordan@desoto
password: 10letter

Joshua, Simmons
username: sjoshua@desoto
password: dog82

Kaylon, Pole
username: pkaylon@desoto
password: five65

Lauren, Elkins
username: elauren@desoto
password: 87fresh

Logan, Deutschmann
username: dlogan@desoto
password: open20

Maddy, Bailey
username: bmaddy@desoto
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Madison, Sadler
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Michael, Wright
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Reese, Harwell
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Rylee, McCarter
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Sia, Thakor
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Terrence, Moore
username: mterrence@desoto
password: fall84

Tiffany, Catlett
username: ctiffany@desoto
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Zack, McMahon
username: mzack@desoto
password: 61wing

Study Ladder
Alex McMullen ale18841 roof
Annie Haddock ani4571 school
Asya Robinson aya3255 flat
Ayden Ashwill ade4278 ice
Brooklyn Farmer bro15759 open
Destiny Ware det1266 leg
Harley Kurtycz har20758 fun
Hunter Cousino hut1993 game
Hunter Hickman hun2287 circle
Jalen Juzeszyn jal2028 feet
Jordan Hylander jor10867 peg
Joshua Simmons jsh14989 paper
Kaylon Pole kay7028 eye
Lauren Elkins lar9659 fruit
Logan Deutschmann log3142 cake
Maddy Bailey mad18450 web
Madison Sadler mdi4261 feet
Michael Wright mic15004 sign
Reese Harwell res687 king
Rylee McCarter ryl1673 lock
Sia Thakor sia1618 drop
Terrence Moore trr1004 ant
Tiffany Catlett tff916 flat
Zack McMahon zak2027 pond