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Due Date: 2/28/2017
Subject: 4th Grade Math

 Math: We are starting Chapter 11 on Wednesday, Feb. 14th. Chapter 11 is Customary Measurement. We will be working on length, capacity, and weight  This will be a very important chapter. 


Tentative Test date: Chapter 11: Tuesday, February 27th 






*Starting the first full week of school students will write down their homework in their homework folder every morning when they arrive. Part of their homework each night is to study their multiplication facts. Students need to be studying EVERY night!

Every Friday we will take a multiplication timed test. There are 100 total questions, 50 multiplication and 50 division. (This is simple division such as 4/2=2) Division is the inverse operation of multiplication. They will see it like this on tests. They have to be exposed to this. They were doing the same thing at the end of their 3rd grade year.