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SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE!! You just have to pay attention and look for it!! Go outside and look at the living things that are waking up, budding, and flowering!  Play a game and put those Newton's Laws into practice! Help out in the kitchen and thank heaven for science so our cupcakes and cookies get those air bubbles and won't be flat! 

Science is all around you! Have fun and explore!!




                                       8,392 Periodic Table Cliparts, Stock Vector And Royalty Free ...

Common Elements

H- hydrogen      O- oxygen       Fe- iron        Na- sodium          Cl- chlorine         Au- gold

Ag- silver         He- helium       Zn- zinc       K- potassium       C- carbon          N- nitrogen

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I love teaching! This is my 13th year as a 5th grade teacher at DCES. I began as an assistant when my daughter was in first grade.  I truly love this school! Both of my children grew up in DeSoto Central schools. My son graduated in 2014 and my daughter followed in 2016.
Way too many years ago, I received a BS degree from the University of Memphis
(formerly known as Memphis State). For several years, I worked as a kitchen designer and then was blessed to be able to stay home with my young children.  Once they started school, I became active in the PTO and that led to a position as a first grade assistant and later a kindergarten assistant. At this point, I began feeling a call in my heart to become a classroom teacher. I completed the state approved 'alternate route' program for teachers. Going back to school was frightening at the time, but I earned my teaching certificate! I have truly enjoyed teaching 5th grade; I cannot imagine being anywhere else. 
I will do my best to make learning fun for your child. If you have any concerns,
please contact me!! Email is by far the easiest and fastest way to reach me! I promise that I will respond in a timely manner. We use the remind texting feature only to send ya'll messages.

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