Charrody Hicks
5th Grade Science & Social Studies



It is hard to believe that this year is more than half way over! It has been a GREAT one!

Parents, your support in your child's pursuit of success has been evident in their performance! We thank you for all that you do for them and us. In an attempt to prepare your child for middle school, we are urging them to be more responsible for their success. We want them to be aware of timelines and schedules. We want them to be able to tell you when the next test is or at least what topics they are learning in class at the moment. Please, for their sake and yours, encourage them to do so. As a mom of a 6th grader, I can tell you that personal responsibility is a BIG challenge in middle school.

Please remember that you can message us through REMIND. We may be busy with our families and not answer during the evening hours but will get back to you at our earliest convenience. : )


Charrody Hicks



Class Schedule

School doors open at 7:50

Tardy Bell Rings at 8:30

Period 1:       Science/SS (Hicks)   8:45-10:10

Period 2:       LA (Flie)        10:15-12:20

                       Lunch  10:55-11:25

Period 3:       Math (Cox)  12:25-3:00

                       Activity   12:40-1:25

                       Recess      1:25-1:50

Dismissal Begins 3:15


Activity Schedule

Monday:        PE

Tuesday:      Computer  

Wednesday:  Library

Thursday:     ART

Friday:          Music 



Science: Our Unit test on Earth and Space will be Wednesday, February 26. Students have  several materials in their folders to help them study and I have created a Quizizz that should be VERY helpful.

Social Studies: MLK Jr.'s birthday served as a great introduction to our focus for Black History Month. We will be focusing on Civil Rights and the struggle for equality for minorities and women in America.


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