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Charrody Hicks
5th Grade Science & Social Studies
Text me through School Status
OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday 9am-3pm

I am a UofM graduate, class of 2008, with a bachelors of arts in education.  I am certified for K-6.  Fifth grade has been my favorite grade to teach so far, so I consider myself very fortunate to be teaching Science and Social Studies to your kiddos at DCES.  

We are ALL going to learn a lot this year! Half of my class is virtual, while half is in person. I look forward to teaching both halves this year. Please keep in mind as we travel this road together that I am only a week ahead of you in learning our new online education platforms. I have dug in and feel somewhat comfortable with the platform, but am looking forward to learning a lot more. We will all need a lot of grace these first few weeks. Know that I know that this is a two way street.  I am fully expecting technical difficulties and a  normal amount of confusion that comes with adjusting to anything new.  So...if something is not working, please don't panic.  Message me on school status or email me using the link above and I will get back to you within 24 hours.  If I cannot solve the problem myself, I will find the person who can help and refer you to them.  That being said, I do need every virtual student to log in to Schoology (link above) Monday morning and complete that days assignments. The assignments for Monday are getting to know you  and getting familiar with the platform activities. Monday is the perfect day to discover anything that is not working properly and get it taken care of. Parents of in-school learners, we will be working on Schoology in class and will be assigning homework on the platform as well. 

All of our students, virtual or in-class, are going to benefit greatly from the technological experience they will gain this year. By the end, I hope to see a room full of students who can independently upload and download various types of digital media; navigate reliable digital media sources with ease; and confidently explore new, creative ways to present their thoughts and ideas digitally. They can do it! And maybe they can teach some of us adults a thing or two. ; )




For the 2nd 9 weeks of school, I am transitioning to be fully virtual. This means that I will be available during the day to answer your questions via text, Schoology, or phone conference. I will start live sessions this week and likely increase the frequency of those sessions as we all become more comfortable with this new format. Communication is the key to my success, your success, and most importantly the success of your child. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for any reason. We are in this together.

Students must log in and complete work daily. If your child is ill or having technical difficulties, please message me on Schoology or by text to let me know.


Charrody Hicks

This Week In:

Reading/LA- We will begin reading and analyzing  Tuck Everlasting  from October 19-Thanksgiving. All Reading and Writing grades over this time period will be related to this book, so it is imperative that you do ALL of the work assigned. 

Math- Division

Science- Chemical Changes, Chemical Reactions, Physical Changes

Social Studies- Continents and Oceans, Land forms, 50 States

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