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Charrody Hicks

5th Grade Math & Science

Text me through School Status
OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday 2:20-3:05

I am a UofM graduate, class of 2008, with a bachelors of science in education.  I am certified for K-6.  Fifth grade has been my favorite grade to teach so far, so I consider myself very fortunate to be teaching Science and Math to your kiddos at DCES.  

I am a mother of 4 beautiful children ranging from 5-14 years old. They keep me busy in the best of ways.

When it comes to the education of your children, COMMUNICATION IS KEY! I have reached out to each of you via School Status. Please alert me asap if your phone number changes. Please do not hesitate to message me any day, any time and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Thank you all for your support and dedication to your child's education. Together we can

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Earth and Space Science Unit January 5-February 17

  • Week 1: Earth and Space Background- Milky Way, Solar System, Sun, Star, Planets (MVEMJSUN), Earth's Atmosphere, Equator, Prime Meridian, Hemispheres
  • Week 2: Historical Knowledge of the Solar System- BC/AD, Geocentric, Heliocentric, Aristotle, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo, Tools used by astronomers
  • Week 3: Earth's relation to the Sun- Compare size and distance between celestial bodies, Rotation and Revolution, Leap Year, Angle of the Sun causes seasons, Determine the season of a hemisphere based on its location in relation to the sun
  • Week 4: The Moon: Phases, 29-day Cycle, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse
  • Week 5: The Stars: Constellation, Big Dipper, Polaris, Seasonal sightings of Constellations
  • Week 6: Review and Test


Class Schedule

Doors open at 7:55

Tardy Bell at 8:30

First Period: 8:30-11:15

Recess: 10:45-11:05

Second Period: 11:15-3:15

Lunch: 12:20-12:50

Activity: 2:20-3:05

Dismissal at 3:15

Activity Schedule

Monday- PE

Tuesday- ART

Wednesday- Library

Thursday- Music

Friday- Computer


School is back in for students Wednesday, January 5!

New Covid guidelines have been emailed to parents. Please review these.

IF we need to go virtual, your child will be allowed to take their school laptop home. Their work will be on Schoology. We use Schoology in class regularly, so they are familiar with the program and know to access it through Clever. Links for both sites are above.

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Monday, January 17

iReady Math Diagnostic Test Wednesday, January 19



Geometry Unit wrap-up January 5-12

  • coordinate plane
  • classifying quadrilaterals

Customary Units of Measurement January 13-21

  • convert measurements of volume, weight, and length


  • Review 4th grade fraction skills
  • convert fractions from proper to improper
  • complete and analyze drawings of fractions
  • find common denominators

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