Emily Herring
Special Education
Emily Herring

During this challenging time, we here at DCE are working on ways to ensure all of our students have access to an education. Please continue to monitor teacher websites for additional information. We will also be utilizing SchoolStatus to send out messages of updates as we have them.

Scroll down to the bottom for more information on distance learning opportunities.

About the Teacher

I am a wife, a mom, and a teacher.  My husband and I have two children.  Our youngest child is in 8th grade, and our oldest is a Senior.  I enjoy reading and spending time with my children.  My children are active in dance and theater; so I spend a good bit of time driving them around.

I grew up in Byhalia, and I am a current resident of Olive Branch.  I am a graduate of Samford University, where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  After spending several years as a special education assistant, I decided to continue to do what I love and become a teacher.  I am now in my 3rd year of teaching at Desoto Central Elementary.

Websites for Students

Distance Learning:

We will start online learning on Monday, March 23rd! The purpose of online learning is to give your child an opportunity to extend his or her learning during this time. No assignments will be submitted to me and they will NOT be graded at this time. If this changes, I will let you know. As for now, use this how you wish and work on your own time!

If I do not see you for a daily class, please follow the guidelines on your regular classroom teacher's page.  However, if you need further help, you are welcome to contact me for assistance! 

Mrs. Herring's ELA Classes

This is a GUIDE for learning at home.  Please find a schedule that works for you during this unusual time!  Choose an area in your house that is just for school and use timers to help your student pace their work.  15-20 minutes at a time is ok, and breaks are great!  I am available for help during school hours (8:00-4:00 PM M-F).  Please let me know if you are having trouble accessing any of the work or if you would prefer packets. If you do not come to my room for class everyday, then follow your regular teacher's instructions.  Feel free to contact me for help!

I miss you guys and I hope we get to be back together very soon!


Mrs. Herring


 Hello!  I thought that I would be seeing you this week, but I guess not! As we continue to work through this time I will post assignments on this page.  I will also update this page with more information as I know it.  I have 2 Reminds set up for sharing information. This is also the best way to contact me with questions or even to say hello!  One is a general remind for inclusion and resource.  If you have not joined this remind, please do so.  Text @6493b7 to 81010.  I have a separate remind for resource ELA students.  I will use this to share information and assignments.  This is only for students (and parents of students) in my resource ELA class.  Text @herring202 to 81010.  I miss seeing your smiling faces everyday!  I'll see you soon!

Just for fun send me an email about what you are reading this week.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

Resource Students Distance Learning March 23-27

Monday March 23 

Login and work on Mindplay for 30 minutes.  Remember, if you need a break you can just log out and come back to it.  You will need headphones, earbuds, or sound.

Read a book out loud to someone for at least 10 minutes.  You can read to a younger brother or sister, your pet, or even a stuffed animal!

Tuesday, March 24

Go on Classworks and work on the main idea assignment for at least 20 minutes. You will need headphones, earbuds, or sound.

Read a book silently.  Try for 15 minutes, but see if you can do more!

Write a paragraph about something silly that you saw happen this week.  Make sure that you have a good beginning, middle, and end!

Wednesday, March 25

Login and work on Mindplay for 30 minutes.

Read a book out loud for at least 5 minutes. If you can, record it and then listen to your reading while you read along.  See if you can catch any words you skipped or changed! Try the same part of the book again and see if you can read it with fewer mistakes.

Thursday, March 26

Go on Classworks and work on the main idea assignment.

Read one chapter in a chapter book that you have at home and write down at least 2 main ideas that you could find in that chapter.  Be sure that you write down the name of the book!

Friday, March 27

Login and work on Mindplay for 30 minutes.

Write a paragraph telling your opinion about school at home.  Is it good or bad?  Be sure to state your opinion and give at least 2 reasons with examples.  End it with a good conclusion restating your opinion. 

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