Mrs. Jean Patience Stephenson
Special Education
Jean Stephenson

Contact Information

2411 Central Parkway
Southaven, MS 38672

DCES phone #: 662-349-6234, Ext. 345, Fax # 662-349-9387

662.349.6234 ext. 345


 I am honored to be your child’s teacher this school year and am looking forward to a wonderful time of learning and growth.

Language Arts Lessons will be differentiated and individualized to meet the needs of each student. Vocabulary (sight word automaticity & word meaning), fluency, reading comprehension, phonemic/phonological awareness and phonics will be included in reading lessons based on what the student requires to grow and advance in reading. We will practice handwriting, writing objectives each student has, as well as work on writing assignments based on your child's grade level and/or writing abilities. 

Homework may be given to reinforce fluency , spelling, and vocabulary.

Goals and Objectives: Students receive daily instruction and support as stated on their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) 

PARENT TEACHER COMMUNICATION: I send a back and forth folder home daily so you can see how your child is doing while in my class. Please initial and return so I know you are aware of any homework or other papers that may need your attention. You are welcome to contact me by email or phone message as well. I am happy to have the privilege of working with you and your child. Together, we will make it a great year!

About the Teacher


Professional: Certified to teach Elementary Education, Kindergarten- Grade Six, and Special Education, Kindergarten-Grade Twelve. Bachelors of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Crichton College. Master's degree in Special Education with emphasis in Behavior from Peabody at Vanderbilt.

Interests: Strategies to teach and improve reading, math and behavior. Reading, math and behavior interventions that use proven methods and research based, best practices.


Eleven years of teaching experience with DeSoto County Schools. Over fourteen years of teaching experience overall. Eleven years of special education teaching experience.


     Teaching Career

  • Bachelor's Degree  in Elementary Education 1992 from Crichton College 
  • Taught 2nd grade in Memphis City Schools in 1992 
  • Substitute Teacher in Williamson County, TN for 3 years 
  • Master's degree in Special Education for mild/moderate disabilities with an emphasis in behavior from Peabody at Vanderbilt University in 2005 
  • Gained valuable experience in "best reading practices" while tutoring at the Vanderbilt Reading Clinic 
  • Taught 1st grade two years in Williamson County, TN (2005-2007) 
  • Accepted Special Education position with Desoto County in 2007 
  • Special Education Teacher at HLIS for 3 years (2007-2010) 
  • Special Education Teacher at PHES, August-October, 2010 
  • Moved with my class to DCES October, 2010-Present 


Professional Interests

  • Research based "best practices" that give children with disabilities better learning opportunities in reading and math. 
  • Strategies that help children with physical and behavioral needs succeed in the school environment 


  • Born and raised in Desoto and Marshall County, MS 
  • Next to the youngest of eight girls 
  • Married with three children who all attended DCHS and graduated with honors.
  • My oldest son is attending the University of Memphis on the GI bill and is planning to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering. My daughter and son-in-law are attending Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. My youngest son is attending the University of Memphis also. He hopes to receive a degree in world languages with an emphasis in Japanese.
  • Caregiver to my oldest sister who is severely, mentally handicapped.
  • Likes: running and reading and watching inspiring movies.  Finished St Jude Marathon in 4 hours, 45 minutes in 2012.

FOR FEBRUARY 24-28, 2020


HOMEWORK: Say, spell out loud as you write, and say each word daily. Test MONDAY,  March 2, 2020

LIST A-11: ski me she he be we cone nose taxi mini

LIST A-23: rain day aim may way lay tea green train stay

List B-23: tall all almost claw draw yawn lawn salt fault pause don’t we’ve wasn’t author August

LIST C-23: slowly powerful fearless useful truthful quickly painless friendly wonderful sadly thankful careful happily flawless calmly author vinegar inventor meaningful peaceful

List D-23: telephone hospital envelope spaghetti cabinet internet imagine rectangle pajamas microwave history privacy celery banana telescope vitamin tomato policeman principal library castle answer knowledge government management

Say each word and its meaning daily. Test MONDAY, March 3,   2020

Word Up Grape. Lesson 7, The Wild West: cabin-a small wooden house, cranky-when you feel annoyed and get upset easily, freeze-when something becomes very cold, honest-when someone always tells the truth and does not lie, lively-when something has energy and is full of life, mountain-land that is much taller than the land around it, obey-when you do what someone tells you to do, remove-when you take something away, shovel-a tool you use to move something away, wicked-when someone is very bad or evil,    

Word Up Red, Lesson 3: brilliant-very smart and intelligent, capture-to take by force, or to grab and hold on to something,  continent-one of seven large areas of land on Earth, crew-a group of people working together, doze-to fall asleep for a short time; nap, perform-to act or entertain, plunge-to dive into; to fall down quickly, predator-an animal that eats other animals; the opposite of prey, primary-first in importance ore order, wander-to move or walk around without going straight to something.

Word Up Orange, Lesson 2, The Parrot: attractive-pleasing to the eye, mind or senses; having the power to attract attention, captivity-the state of being held or imprisoned against one’s wishes, carefree-without troubles or worries, coax-to get someone to do something in a gentle way; to persuade, desire-to wish for; to want very much, frantic-very excited or upset; marked by fast, wild, or nervous actions, plead-to ask for something that is thought to be very important; to beg, release-to let go; to free, tragic-causing great sadness, vast-very big in area or size.


Word up Turquoise