John Mitchell

5th Grade Science/Social Studies



About the Teacher


Dear Parents,

Welcome to my teacher website. I am thankful to have gotten the chance to meet many of you, but for those who I haven't had the opportunity to speak with in person, I'm glad you're here. Even more, I consider myself blessed to have each of your kids as one of my students.

Speaking of your kids, they have already learned that I have a mild obsession with coffee and a sort of addiction to dark chocolate. I've embarrassed myself more than once by misplacing my mug (and then frantically searching for it). It's been a true joy getting to know them. These first few days have been wonderful, and I look forward to continuing strong! Feel free to reach out to me through my email or SchoolStatus with any questions.


Year at a Glance


1st 9 Weeks Overview

  • Physical Properties of Matter
  • Mixtures & Solutions

2nd 9 Weeks Overview

  • Chemical & Physical Changes
  • Force & Motion

3rd 9 Weeks Overview

  • Sun, Moon, Earth
  • Solar System
  • Human Impact on Earth's Resources

4th 9 Weeks Overview

  • Photosynthesis
  • Food Chains/Webs in Ecosystems



Topical Overview

  • Intro to U.S. Geography
  • Remembrance (Patriots Day and Constitution Day)
  • Regions of the U.S.
  • Thinking Like a Historian
  • Age of Exploration and Colonizing America
  • American Revolution
  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, and War of 1812
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Dividing and Rebuilding the Union (Civil War)
  • A New Century Transitioning to a Modern America (Industrialization and Immigration)
  • Emerging as a World Power (WWI, Great Depression, the New Deal, Dust Bowl, and WWII)
  • Creating a More Perfect Union (Cold War, Korean War, Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, Global War on Terrorism, and Recent Elections)