Julie McKenzie

5th Grade Math


Welcome to Our Class!

I use School Status to do all parent communication






About the Teacher

Education and Experience:

This is my 9th year to teach at DCES and my 15th year as a teacher. 



*I attended Union University and Crichton College where I received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. 

*Advanced Level in Spanish through the Spanish Language Institute in Costa Rica


Personal Info

:I love teaching and am so excited to be teaching Math again this year! I like to have fun in my classroom as we learn- so get ready!
I have 3 children (Garrett, Molly, Sophie) Garrett attends Mississippi State, Molly attends East Mississippi Community College, and Sophie is at Desoto Central High School.
I am looking forward to a great year together. If you have any concerns or questions throughout the year, never hesitate to come to me. My desire is for my students to learn great things from me, to laugh, and to feel loved. That’s the goal in my classroom.

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