Kayce Neal

2022-2023 School Year


I have been teaching ELA at DCES for 11 years. 

I taught ELA at  SIS for 7 years before that.

I am very excited to watch your children grow! 

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Monday - Music

Tuesday - Computer

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - Library

Friday - Art

Curriculum Associates Launches Magnetic Reading™ | Equity & Access Pre K-12  | The American Consortium for Equity in Education

We will be using Magnetic Reading this year.

It focuses on writing about reading. 

We will get most of our grades from the workbook.  

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Our Schedule

8:30-11:00   First Block

11:00-1:00   Second Block

1:00-3:15     Third Block


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We have lunch from 11:00-11:35.

Lunch is $2.75 starting October 11th.

Parents may come to lunch with their children once a nine weeks. 


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If you need to contact me, please do not hesitate.  

The school's phone number is 662-349-6234.