Mrs. Nelda Green Duncan
Speech Pathologist
Nelda Ducan

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  • Bachelor of Science in Audiology and Speech Pathology from The University of Southern Mississippi
  • MDE 216 Liscensed
  • Received high school diploma from Brookhaven High School  but also attended Brookhaven Academy for most of my high school and middle school years.


I worked for many years in the business world before going back to school to get my teacher certification. I received my Alternate Route Teaching License and began teaching Language Arts. While working to get my certification to teach I was also working as a 2nd grade assistant at my son's school in Gulfport, MS.

After becoming certified for Elementary 4-8 and Secondary 7-12 Language Arts, I taught Language Arts at Gulfport Middle School and also Career Discovery for several years before finally obtaining a position in my chosen field of Speech Pathology.

DCES is a great place to work and to learn!


Welcome to Mrs. Duncan's speech class site. We are off to a great start at HLIS this year.

We are using the "The 5-Minute Kids" Speech Articulation Cart again this year. The Speech Cart goes from classroom to classroom and pulls the speech articulation kids out for a short but intense drill session on their target sounds. Research has shown this to be a valuable tool to shorten the length of time it takes to correct most articulation disorders. Not all children in speech will benefit from this method and those students will continue to come for their regular sessions each week in the Speech Room.

The students usually enjoy the use of "5-Minute Kids" speech articulation. We use ipad apps and other technology to increase the students skills and decrease the time in which they are able to gain those skills.

If you have any questions or concerns you're  welcome to call me anytime. Just leave a message with the front desk and they will get it to me ASAP.

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We provide any supplies required for speech with the exception of special projects on occation. However, with the approach of flu season, any donations of anti-bacterial wipes, kleenex, or paper towels are always appreciated.

If there are any supplies in particular your child needs for speech, I will either provide them or try to get a donation for the items.

That being said, if anyone would like to donate supplies to the speech class they are welcome to do so.

Thanks so much to the parents who have made contributions in the past and for those in the future.


Mrs. Duncan, SLC

DCES Speech Dept.



Basic skills practice games

Educational resources for kids K-8. Kids can have fun while sharpening their language and reading skills at the same time!